Notes from the IGN interviews


(Because I just feel like listing my favorite parts)

Bryan and Mike:

  • The entire season was structured around Korra’s big sacrifice on behalf of the Air Nation, but it has taken a huge toll on her physically and emotionally.
  • Violent moment’s like the queen’s death were NOT the reason the show was taken off the air, but they had to work around prohibitions like not being able to come out and say, “The queen is dead” or “I killed the queen.”
  • Book 4 is “done” for the most part. Bryan and Mike are just working on post-production for the rest of the year.
  • Bryan is pretty frank about his frustration with the distribution problems this season but thinks that like ATLA, LOK will have a long life on many platforms. The shows “find people” no matter what.
  • There will be a new threat, a new enemy for Korra to face even though Zaheer is still alive, but it will tie in very closely to Book 3.
  • Bryke will be very tight-lipped about Book 4. 
  • Both the interviewers and Bryke compare the new nomadic Air Nation to the Jedi, roaming the world and helping whoever needs it. We will get to see some of that. 
  • The old Air Nomads were very reclusive, always staying aloof from other people’s problems.
  • Zaheer was a master martial artist before he got airbending, which is why he uses airbending so well. If you throw a broom to Jackie Chan, he is going to turn it into a weapon. (Bob says - fucking-a, why is that so hard for people to understand. I am sick of this complaint.)
  • Zaheer demonstrates that spiritual depth and ability isn’t the sole domain of nice people.
  • Bolin’s lava bending was not related to the portals. He was tapping into an ability he just didn’t know he had.
  • The upcoming Platinum game is the most involved they have been in the development of any Avatar video game.
  • They really enjoyed the process. They love the new villain that will be featured.
  • Bryan loves that Korra looks so strong in the game. He complains that she always looks too skinny to him in the 2-D animation and they are constantly demanding retakes. (Bob says - I love that he is so grouchy about this).

Janet and Dave 

  • This interview totally ships Makorra for starters. 
  • Janet finds an opportunity to cry in every episode (as a viewer). 
  • There are great, uplifting things that happen in the finale, but this is a tough place for Korra to be. Being the Avatar is her identity. 
  • The maturity you see in Mako and Korra being able to love each other and not be in a relationship is not something most teenagers would be able to do.
  • David slips into the first person when talking about their characters, which is so cute.
  • David thinks the love Mako has for Korra is deeper than his love for Asami.
  • Janet questions whether any of them really do have room for romance. 
  • Asami and Korra being friends is great but maybe makes things a little more awkward for Mako. They talk a lot about that scene with Grandma Yin.
  • David thinks Mako should get back together with Korra. 
  • Janet says she doesn’t ship anyone. 
  • David thinks Korrasami is interesting. (In an unambiguously positive way.)

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