Asami is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat; from a young age, her father put her in self-defense classes so she would be able to protect herself. Asami has also proven herself to be nimble. Asami is an expert driver, having learned through testing her father’s Satomobiles, and is fully capable of rivaling Equalist motorcyclists. She can also drive motorboats and sand-sailers. Having assisted her father in operating their company, Asami is capable of controlling any other vehicle engineered by Future Industries, such as mopeds, forklifts, and mecha tanks, which she noted were operated similarly. As such, she has developed a keen eye on technology workmanship, being able to discern high-quality products from sub-par ones. Asami is a practical thinker and a capable engineer, able to repair and construct vehicles with limited resources. She is also a skilled Pai Sho player, proving herself to be a good methodical strategist.” — Avatar Wiki (x)