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you know what to do

  • damn
  • just
  • look
  • don’t
  • go
  • holy
  • whole
  • still
  • over
  • honestly
  • start
  • crap

this is wild



Jessie Flower at the SDCC avatar legacy fan panel. Fucking legend.




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I think the Red Lotus agenda might actually be the opposite of Amon’s Equalism. They give off this rogue Buddhist vibe, kinda like the New Age belief systems that are so popular among people who want to “transcend the capabilities of the human body”. Considering those associated with the Red Lotus possess some kind of advanced skill or derivation of their bending, they might be a Cult of Bending Superiority.

That being said, I think what they actually want is to indoctrinate Korra with this belief that bending can be so much more and should not be moderated or equalized. The Avatar, being the epitome of bending prowess, should not be a mere peacekeeper, she should be the ruler of the universe.

As for Suyin, she just might be that one well-meaning leader trying out this cool new experimental religion and takes it semi-seriously but is unfortunately considered evil because of the radical views and violent people associated with said religion. Stannis Baratheon also comes to mind.



things that happened tonight:

  • told david faustino that “mako is my favorite, and i’m not kidding” he got really excited and stood up to give me a hug, because “do you know how rarely i hear that??” yes, david… i do….. trust me
  • he turned around to tell mike and bryan that mako is my favorite and bryan said “yeah, i know”
  • bryan remembers me as the girl who gave him a 40-page thesis
  • lariren-shadow and i convinced mike dimartino to get a drink with us, by which i mean we stood at the bar and yelled MIKE, COME HAVE A DRINK WITH US
  • (he did. he had a cosmopolitan)
  • at the korra rooftop party, there was a brief panel with Bryke, david faustino, janet varney, and a few of the video game producers, and there was a brief silence in which i took the opportunity to cup my hands and shout “GET BACK TOGETHER” at dave and janet
  • cue hesitant laughter, bryan vaguely avoiding the comment
  • don’t laugh at me
  • asked bryan what mako’s mother’s name is. he said “susan” as a joke and i misheard it as “suzu,” BUT YOU KNOW WHAT??? CLOSE ENOUGH then he called mike over like “hey did we ever name mako’s mom?” mike was like “no, i don’t think so” which led to me immediately begging them to give Mako’s Mom a REAL NAME and post it on Tumblr
  • faircommentfuckoff gave me a cigarette, bryan lectured me on smoking as i lit up, when it went out of its own accord he said “that was aang from beyond the grave, putting it out”
  • THEN. T H E N . I ASKED HIM, “LOOK, I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHY MAKO AND KORRA’S INTERACTIONS ARE ALWAYS FRAMED THROUGH ASAMI’S REACTIONS…” and went through the list of examples; i asked if that was going to lead anything or if there was going to be any resolution to that, and he said “there’s nothing unresolved there, it’s all deliberately done to show that relationships affect other people… every relationship is important and we care about every character. but we don’t care about tahno”
  • stephanie and i laughed for hours i’m not done laughing. i will never stop laughing